"I'm both a social and a business entrepreneur always on the lookout for ways to bring people and sub-communities together for mutual benefit."
Born in New Jersey, graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BSEE in 1984, worked in semiconductor industry start ups until 1996. Bought Thinker Toys Inc. in 2000. Founded Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce Education Committee in 2012. Became Chamber CEO in 2013. Married with one adult child.
Public Education

High quality public education is fundamental to a functioning democracy. It is the foundation for everything else.

Early Childhood Education

High quality early childhood education pays life long dividends for the child and for the rest of society. Paying for it is a long term investment.

Class Size

Smaller classes are certainly nice, but research indicates that the quality of the staff in the classroom is more important that the absolute number of students.

Higher Education

Post secondary educational options should be available for everyone and our students deserve to be prepared for these opportunities. We also should be more realistic in communicating job availability.


Teachers must be honored, supported and paid as well as possible. The vast majority of teachers do a great job. Those few who don't, need to find other work.​

Standardized Testing

A modest amount of standardized testing is necessary to ascertain how much progress a given student is or is not making. Overdoing testing, however, simply wastes time and energy for everyone.


California's public schools are among the lowest funded in the nation while operating in extremely high cost of living areas. We can and must correct this structural flaw. Also, California funds school districts in wildly uneven and unfair ways. Morgan Hill receives the lowest funding per student in our area.


Our challenge and opportunity is to meet the unique needs of every student within the context of available resources. We must remember that schools exist for the benefit of the students.

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